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The Independent Living Services program, or ILS, is a program created after the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitation Services was eliminated by the Texas Legislature, effective Sept. 1, 2016.  The ILS program provides services for the hard of hearing/deaf, visually impaired, blind and those with mobility needs. We can provide hearing aids, visual aids and mobility services such as ramps.

Participants much meet eligibility and co-payment requirements. The co-payment is based on U.S. poverty guidelines.  

The process of receiving services is follows this general outline:

At the initial contact appointment, an ILS counselor will gather information to determine eligibility pertaining to the consumer’s service request. Information obtained will include verification of income and proof of residence in the state of Texas. After determining eligibility, the case goes to “active services” status where we obtain assessments and estimates of the needed equipment and/or services. We then submit a request for approval of the necessary purchases.  Once approval is obtained the equipment and services are purchased and delivered.


We do not provide surgeries or extensive home modifications. 

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